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Media coverage April to June 2021

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Coastal Communities Network Scotland, 3rd June 2021

Seagrass restoration at Loch Craignish

The Guardian website, 9 June 2021

UK to trial "highly protected marine areas' in win for ocean campaigners

Herald Scotland, 15 May 2021

Concerns are growing for the safety of Scottish waters as the economic drivers of open cage salmon farming are given more importance than ecological integrity

No more salmon farms - the people have spoken

BBC News website, 26 April 2021

The salmon you buy in the future may be farmed on land

The Guardian website, 4 April 2021

If you like salmon, don't read this: the art duo exposing a booming £1bn market

Farmed salmon can end up deformed, blind, riddled with sea lice and driven to eat each other. Eco art activists Cooking Sections are highlighting their plight – and getting Tate to change its menus

The Guardian website, 2 April 2021

Farmed fish suffer pain and stress, says report that criticises welfare failings

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