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BBC News website 25 August 2020

Nearly 50,000 salmon escaped from storm-damaged fish farm

BBC News website 20 August 2020

Storm Ellen: Argyll fish farm with 550,000 salmon breaks free

Andrew Graham-Stewart, Director of Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland, said: 

“It is highly likely that, free of their moorings, the integrity of the nets holding the salmon will have been significantly compromised, thus allowing the fish to escape. The consequences of 500,000 large mature farmed salmon of Norwegian origin escaping into the environment are potentially very serious. They are likely to run into the rivers of Argyll, the Firth of Clyde and Ayrshire in great numbers and, by spawning and breeding with wild Scottish salmon, severely impact the genetic integrity of our depleted native salmon populations.

This episode is yet another example of how the equipment employed by salmon farm companies is not fit for purpose. This was not even a major storm. The only solution is to farm salmon in closed tanks on land where the weather is not an issue. Scottish Government needs to change tack and end its reckless policy of encouraging and promoting open sea salmon farming, which is so damaging to the environment on many levels.”


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