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Newsletter No5 29th April 2017

Dear Friends,


We have had a reply from the green party candidate who couldn’t make it to the hustings. This completes our report on the seven candidates for our local council election. 


Elaine Morrison/ Scottish Green Party: I am opposed to the development of the fish farm at Dounie and have general concerns about the impact of sea lice mitigation and management on wild fish stocks. I have raised this issue through social media previously, have myself signed the petition and fully support our party’s policy that there should be a moratorium on fish farm development, including expansion as currently proposed by the Scottish Salmon Company on Loch Fyne, until a full scientific review and comprehensive environmental impact assessment has been undertaken regarding individual and cumulative impact on the marine environment. If elected I will call for Argyll and Bute Council to place an immediate moratorium on planning applications for fish farm and related development.


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