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Applications for CAR licence to SEPA:

The Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2011

To comment on these applications you must make representations to SEPA in writing within 28 days beginning with the date of the advertisement using the contact details provided in the newspaper advertisement/s specified in the application, ie you must click the link in the "Published Advertisements" section of the application on the SEPA website.

Applications to Argyll & Bute Council:

Comments can be made on these applications by clicking this link then pasting the application number into the search box

BDNC Fish Farm, Loch Shuna - Application number = 18/00005/MFF

Enlargement of marine fin fish (Atlantic salmon) farm from 10 x 120 metre circumference cages to 12 x 120 metre circumference cages and replacement of feed barge, including increase in biomass to 3500 tonnes | BDNC Fish Farm Loch Shuna Ardfern Argyll And Bute

Poll na Gille Salmon Farm, Shuna Island, Argyll & Bute - Application number =  18/00004/MFF

Modification of fin fish farm (Atlantic Salmon) from 16 x 100m circumference cages to 12 x 120m circumference cages, including increasing biomass to 2500 tonnes and retention of feed barge

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