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The Friends of the Sound of Jura is a community group and registered Scottish charity based in Knapdale, mid-Argyll, an area bounded on three sides by the sea. The group coalesced to object to a fish farm proposal being suddenly imposed in an inappropriate place where it would harm marine life and the community. We soon realised how rare it is for the opinions of coastal people to be heard or given due weight in the planning process. As a result, the group now intends to inform and help their local community to express its opinions and to campaign more widely for marine conservation and the sustainable use of the sea we all share.  We are not against fish farming on principle. Wild fish stocks are falling as the human population rises and aquaculture is inevitably going to play a role in providing food. It also creates valuable jobs in communities like ours. Our community depends on the health of the sea that surrounds us. We believe that fish farming can and should be done without polluting the sea or affecting other marine life, so we are engaging with policy and decision makers to achieve this.  

Our mission statement

We seek to protect the Sound, the River Add and their local users from threats to the area's wildlife and local sustainable economy.

Our objectives

To raise awareness in our community, and beyond, of issues affecting life in the sea and its sustainable use.

To preserve and enhance the outstanding natural diversity of the Sound of Jura and the Loch Sween area, while promoting a sustainable local economy.

To seek closer engagement with organisations and individuals whose actions will affect our marine environment and to represent our community’s opinions on this.

To educate future generations on the need for marine conservation.

Common or flapper skate - by Jane Smith

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