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We are celebrating the announcement that our area has become the first Mission Blue Hope Spot in Scotland and mainland UK!























Art work by Jane Smith 

The Argyll Coast & Islands Hope Spot is recognition of our area’s world class marine biodiversity, and its importance to the local communities that live along its shores. The diversity of life in the sea in our area is second in Scotland only to St Kilda’s. 

The Hope Spot area extends from the Point of Knap to Ardnamurchan, encompassing the Garvellachs, and including the Loch Sunart to Sound of Jura MPA, Loch Sween MPA, Loch Sunart MPA (which isn’t in the Loch Sween to Sound of Jura MPA) and the Loch Creran MPA. It was proposed by Argyll’s four coastal community groups: Friends of the Sound of Jura, CROMACH, CAOLAS and Save Seil Sound.


Our Hope Spot is to be known as The Argyll Coast & Islands Hope Spot and you can read all about it HERE

For more details please look at the Hope Spot’s website: 


Twitter: @ArgyllHopeSpot 

Instagram: argyllhopespot

Facebook: @ArgyllHopeSpot


Twitter:  @MissionBlue

Instagram: mission_blue

Facebook: @missionblue


Mission Blue Hope Spot - thanks to the coastal communities around the Argyll coast who care passionately about the marine environment, we are able to celebrate the recognition of the first Mission Blue Hope Spot in Scotland and mainland UK -

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