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Flapper skate lay eggs. The Loch Sunart to Sound of Jura MPA is one of only two areas in the UK where they are known to breed - the other is in the Northern Isles.  Watch the video The Quest for the Giant Skate.

Finding their beautiful egg cases on the shore is the proof of this - and an exciting moment - so please record any that you find on the Shark Trusts’s website

Thank you.

The Shark Trust website will ask you to upload a photo to confirm the identity. The frayed golden covering of the egg case and its very large size are diagnostic. If you zoom in on the Sound of Jura on their map you can see where flapper skate egg cases have been discovered here.

Children's Egg Case Guide from the Shark Trust

Click the skate to download the Egg Case Guide for children.

Flapper skate - Photo credit: Onyer Marks Sea Fishing

Flapper skate - Photo credit: Onyer Marks Sea Fishing


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The Sound of Jura is home to some of the most fascinating and diverse marine life in Scotland.  We seek to protect the Sound, the River Add and their local users from threats to the area’s wildlife and local sustainable economy.