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of the Sound of Jura

The Sound of Jura is within the Argyll Coast & Islands HOPE SPOT

The Sound of Jura is home to some of the most fascinating and diverse marine life in Scotland.  We seek to protect the Sound, the River Add and their local users from threats to the area’s wildlife and local sustainable economy.  We are a member of the Coastal Communities Network, Scotland.

Job opportunity:

A part-time project officer is sought to conduct

stakeholder research and work with the Craignish

Restoration of Marine & Coastal Habitat

(CROMACH) community group.  See the ad here

Feedback's  two reports explore in depth the sustainability and nutritional implications of using wild fish to feed the growing Scottish farmed salmon industry. 

Important opportunity: help tighten the law on use of Acoustic Deterrent Devices which can harm cetaceans.


We objected to the proposal to increase biomass at Loch Shuna fish farm


Along with over 30 other organisations Friends of the Sound of Jura have signed joint letters to the First Minister and to the ECCLR asking for urgent action on illegal dredging in MPAs.  

Marine Scotland and SNH are planning seabed surveys this June.  

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