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Dear Supporter


We apologise for the short notice but we would like to urge you to write to your MSP asking them to vote in favour of some important amendments to the Animals and Wildlife (Penalties, Protections and Powers) (Scotland) Bill, which will be debated at Holyrood this Wednesday 17th June.  


The purpose of these amendments is to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises from disturbance and harm by the extremely loud Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) fitted to many fish farms to deter seals from biting the fish.


The amendments to tighten the laws on ADD use have been put forward by two MSPS, Claudia Beamish and Mark Ruskell, well known to FoSoJ for their dedication to reform fish farming in Scotland.


All cetaceans are legally protected from any deliberate or reckless disturbance and it has been confirmed by SNH to the Government that ADDs can cause disturbance.  


Attached is a link to a template letter you might wish to send to your MSP.  Also attached is the letter from SNH to Ministers stating that ADDs can disturb cetaceans.


You can find out who your MSPs are from this website:

            ADD Animal & Wildlife Bill Ammendment.pdf

            SNH advice to MS July 2017 FOI.pdf



If you have not already signed this petition please add your name to the 25,000 signatories.  It is calling for an enforcement of existing laws protecting porpoise, dolphins and whales and to ban all ADDs by January 2020.


Thank you for your continuing support


Friends of the Sound of Jura

Community Group Member of

The Coastal Communities Network, Scotland

Friends of the Sound of Jura is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation: SC049740

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