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Newsletter No19 3 December 2018

Dear Supporter

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is consulting the public on its new rules to tighten up on pollution from fish farms.


SEPA says it wants our communities to inform and enrich the decisions they take every day to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment. 


There is a community drop in event tomorrow (Tuesday 4th Dec 2018) in Lochgilphead Community Centre, from 2.30pm to 7.00pm, to give us the chance to speak to SEPA staff, find out more about the proposals and answer our questions. No booking is required. 


Friends of the Sound of Jura believes that fish farming is an important employer but that it should not pollute the sea, or impact our sustainable jobs that depend on the sea being clean.


If you feel the same way, please call in and talk to SEPA. There are some suggested questions on the Friends of the Sound of Jura website. Here is the link:


If you have concerns about fish farm pollution, even just spending five minutes to say so to SEPA would be worthwhile.


Here is the link to SEPA’s Finfish Aquaculture Sector Plan, on which they are consulting:

Friends of the Sound of Jura

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