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Letters page of The Sunday Herald, July 2017

A long view on caged fish farming

Holyrood has already had the opportunity to investigate environmental problems brought about by the sea cage salmon industry in Scottish coastal waters. In February 2000 Petition No PE96 which was supported by hundreds of organisations and individuals worldwide, asked for an independent objective inquiry into the environmental impact of the industry. It was accepted by the Scottish Parliament and after discussion it agreed to hold such an inquiry. Unfortunately following a year of considerable private debate a ‘rolling inquiry’ which was neither independent or objective was held instead under the chairmanship of Maureen Macmillan list MSP, who declared ‘Jobs come first’ and informed the petitioner that he had ‘no locus’ in the inquiry.

No credible conclusions were produced and the main claims of the petition dismissed. As elsewhere in the world, where the industry as been allowed to develop in coastal waters, it has proved to be a gross polluter, causing terrible damage to other interests.

Wherever it operates, recreational and commercial wild salmon and sea trout fisheries in coastal and island waters have been destroyed by parasites emanating from the cages.

Contamination of shellfish and wild fish with biotoxins produced by micro-organisms is promoted by the many thousands of tonnes of nitrogenous waste the industry produces. Commercial pesticide use has been increasing exponentially over the years while the industry and its promoters have managed to conceal the damage caused.

Don Staniford of GAAIA, the late Bruce Sandison, your own Rob Edwards and many others have fought to protect our seas from such ruthless exploitation. Scotland has its own Parliament, and sadly has so far been unable to do so.

The industry which is largely foreign owned has more power over the politicians than we comprehend. There is little likelihood of independance and objectivity when the industry and its suppliers control the science worldwide.

Allan W. Berry, Blairgowrie

Daily Mail, 20 July 2017

Interesting article on the decline in salmon catches

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