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Media coverage June 2018

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Herald Scotland 7 June 2018

Article and Opinion regarding claims that SEPA and Scottish Ministers have failed to comply with Freedom of Information laws

Oban Times 7 June 2018

New seaweed farm - a sustainable source of food and fuel with potential economic benefit for Argyll

Herald Scotland, 11 June 2018

Marine experts call for ban on Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs)

Sunday Herald, 17 June 2018

"Salmon interactions" working group to be set up by Scottish Government

Fish Update, 25 June 2018

Fish vet to chair Scottish SPCA

Oban Times, 28 June 2018

The Oban Times (28 June) reports that planning consent was given by Argyll and Bute Council for fish-farm expansion near Shuna. FOSOJ made a submission to the Council about the applications, strongly suggesting that "the precautionary principle should be adopted and permission should be refused, or at the very least be postponed until the current parliamentary inquiry reports." Two Friends of the Sound of Jura attended the Planning Committee meeting in the public gallery.

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