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Media coverage March 2017

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Letter in The Courier from Scottish Salmon Producers Association (1st March 2017)

Response from an angler 8 March 2017

Letters page, Argyllshire Advertiser, 3 March 2017

Concerns about pollution from fish farm proposed for Sound of Jura

The Herald, 5 March 2017

Opinion - SEPA getting too close to businesses it regulates

The Herald, 5 March 2017

SEPA to crack down on toxic pollution from fish farms

The Herald, 5 March 2017

SEPA suppresses critical report on pollution from fish farms

Letters page, Oban Times, 16 March 2017

New study proves fish farm pesticides harmful to sea life

Letters page, Argyllshire Advertiser 17 March 2017

Fish farms and the environment

Sunday Herald, 19 March 2017

SEPA secretly ditches plan to ban toxic pesticide after pressure from fish farm industry

Letters page, Sunday Herald, 26 March 2017

SEPA should exercise "precautionary principle"

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