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Media coverage September - December 2020

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The Guardian website, 7 December 2020

Factory-farmed salmon: does it make sense to grow fish in indoor tanks?

BBC News website, 3 December 2020

New sites given special status to protect marine life

BBC News website, 10 November 2020

Salmon farmers vow to tackle damage to sea lochs and wild fish

BBC News website, 4 November 2020

Opposition to new fish farm in Wester Ross protected area

The Ferret, 1 November 2020

Government leak reveals destruction of marine environment

Argyllshire Advertiser, 16 October 2020

"World first" as endangered skate hatches near Oban

Argyllshire Advertiser, 16 October 2020

Study launched after fish farm escape

The Guardian website, 9 October 2020

97% of UK marine protected areas subject to bottom-trawling

Private Eye, 9 October 2020

Net losses - escaped salmon appearing in Scottish rivers

The Guardian, 15 September 2020

Net loss: the high price of salmon farming

BBC News website, 15 September 2020

Climate change threat to Scotland's seabed, new study warns

BBC News website 10 September 2020

Escaped salmon from Argyll farm appearing in west coast rivers

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