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Newsletter No11 30th August 2017

Dear Supporter

Update from Friends of the Sound of Jura on a proposed fish farm at Dounie, Sound of Jura: August 2017

General Information about FOSOJ

Friends of the Sound of Jura seek to protect the Sound, the River Add and their local users from threats to the area’s wildlife and local economy. The group emphasizes the need to look at ways to promote sustainable jobs, such as making the Marine Protected Area (MPA) attractive to visitors.

North Knapdale Community Council Meeting

On 22 August, three members of Friends of the Sound of Jura attended the North Knapdale Community Council (NKCC) meeting. Mark Smith updated the council on the Dounie situation (more details below).

At the end of the update Mark asked whether the community council would be objecting to the proposal at the planning stage. He pointed out that a majority of those on the electoral register in North Knapdale has signed the petition objecting to the fish farm (as shown by the postcodes of those who have signed). Ian Ritchie, the chair of the council, responded by saying that they would be objecting as statutory consultees as this reflects the opinion of the community as a whole and it is the council’s role to reflect this.

Ian Ritchie & Councillor Donnie McMillan both emphasised that as important as the community council's objection is, it is crucially important for people to object individually at the planning stage.

As promised Friends of the Sound of Jura will send out an alert if a planning application for a fish farm at Dounie is submitted to Argyll & Bute Council. This is likely to happen quite quickly if the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) issues a licence. We’ll include suggested wording that you can use if you wish in your letter.

We were also reminded that when it comes to objections, the more the better. The number of objections is taken into consideration by the Planning Department. We were given the example that letters written by families saying Mr, Mrs and their two teenagers all object to the proposal will be counted as four individuals.

We hope that other Community Councils will take the same view as North Knapdale, so if your representation is a different Community Council from NKCC please ensure that you talk to your councillors and Community Council representatives.


If you would prefer not to hear updates on this ongoing campaign please drop us an email.

Friends of the Sound of Jura

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