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Newsletter No12 13th Sept 2017

Dear Supporter

Thank you very much for signing our local petition and for your continued support for our campaign against the development of an industrial-scale fish farm at Dounie in our Sound of Jura.

This update is to let you know that the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) are asking for your views on the future regulation of fish farming. They want to allow the industry to build much larger fish farms, which will dump even more pollution into the sea.

SEPA's consultation on these changes is not widely known so we are urging you to get involved in this important consultation. Please have your say so that SEPA hear not just from the fish farming industry but also from coastline communities like ours which will be directly affected by the expansion of fish farming and the pesticides used. 

There are two consultations: one is about the size and siting of fish farms and the other is about the hugely damaging toxic pesticide use.


We have drafted what we think is an appropriate response in the two attached documents (SEPA cons1 & SEPA cons2 ) 

Please feel free to use these responses and/or personalise or change them to be more suitable for your own opinions. 


The deadline is 30th September.

If you would like to be armed with the facts please see the third attached document (Cons info)


Your help is extremely valuable and much appreciated and will hopefully help safe guard Dounie and other places from this highly damaging industry

Friends of the Sound of Jura

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