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Newsletter No2 9th February 2017

Dear Supporter

Thank you for adding your names to the petition. (now also available for signing in Fyne Tackle in Lochgilphead). We have almost 350 signatures. Please talk about the fish farm to your friends and encourage them to sign. There will soon be an online version too.

The latest information from Cllr Dougie Philand suggests that the councillors have well and truly got the message that there's a lot of concern, so now we should wait for the planning application to go in so that whatever we write is formally taken as objections to the plan. 

During our meeting with Michaell Russell, he promised us that he would write to Fergus Ewing MSP (the cabinet secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity) about Dounie. He has done this now.

He mentions:-

That he has never before experienced this weight of objection to a fish farm proposal.

The very substantial concern about a new fish farm in a Marine Protected Area and says that there needs to be at the very least an intensive investigation into the effect it could have on the Common Skate.

That the Fish Farm would be on a site that is known to be a productive run for wild salmon and that there is very strong concern about the effect upon these Salmon.

That there is an associated issue of potential for sea lice infestation on wild fish, and also many are concerned about sea lice chemicals in the area.

That there are concerns about the exposed location of the site and potential escapes and also some concerns about the landscape intrusion.

That although there has been substantial and commendable public information by the applicant there remains a view in the area that the weight of public opposition should be enough to deter such applications in an area where there are quite a number of Fish Farms.

That there is a strong public view that there should be a substantial and wide reaching environmental impact assessment before an application of this nature is even made.

Michael Russell also notes that he is a positive supporter of aquaculture but thinks on this occasion this particular application raises so many questions that it will require very special and very careful consideration.

He is writing to give an early warning to his colleagues and regulatory authorities.
He has sent copies of this letter to SEPA, The SNH and Roseanna Cunningham MSP(cabinet secretary for Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform).

We will continue to gather more people to add to the petition and to continue gathering the evidence which supports our concerns.

If you would prefer not to hear updates on this ongoing campaign please drop us an email.

Friends of the Sound of Jura

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