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Newsletter No7 5th July 2017

Dear Supporter

Summer Events: Friends of the Sound of Jura in Tayvallich in July

At the Tayvallich Weekend at the end of July, FOSOJ had a stall to update visitors and locals about proposals in the Sound of Jura. There was a great display of mermaids' purses, treasure, and a brilliant treasure map. The treasure map gave visitors an excellent overview of the closeness of the proposed fish farm to Carsaig and Crinan (as well as raising money for the village hall). Susan collected another few dozen signatures for the petition: lots had no idea about any of the fish-farm plans and were keen to find out and sign up … which shows how important it is to keep passing on the word about the fish-farm proposals!

Earlier in July, an excellent evening at Tayvallich Village Hall saw a packed hall with standing room only. There were excellent and inspiring talks by Mark Woombs and John Aitchison. The photos were supreme and it was great to learn so much about the beautiful (& sometimes not so beautiful) creatures and organisms that are practically on our doorstep.

You can see photos and more information on the FOSOJ Facebook page.


If you would prefer not to hear updates on this ongoing campaign please drop us an email.

Friends of the Sound of Jura

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