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Open Letter September 2017

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Here is the full text of the open letter sent to the Argyllshire Advertiser. An edited version of the letter appeared in the paper on 22nd September 2017. For the record, and to clarify the context for this open letter, at a meeting of North Knapdale Community Council on 26 August 2016, Stuart Cannon, Managing Director of Kames Fish Farming made a presentation, during which he said that Marine Harvest is a backer of Kames Fish Farming. The Argyllshire Advertiser edited out this information from the published letter.


The Friends of the Sound of Jura is a community group that objects to Kames Fish Farming Ltd’s proposal to site a fish farm at Dounie. Indeed we believe that nowhere in the Sound of Jura is appropriate for fish farming.

Kames have described Marine Harvest as their backers regarding this proposal. On 12th August, Steve Bracken of Marine Harvest was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today. He said:

“We will not create a new farm, establish a new farm, unless we have community support. At the end of the day they’re the people that are living there. If the community said they’re not in favour of the salmon farm we wouldn’t attempt to try and start one up”.

Dounie is inside the North Knapdale Community Council area. A majority of those on the electoral roll in this ward have signed petitions objecting to this development.

Marine Harvest’s public statement seems fair to us. Our community would have to live with this farm. Our community has shown clearly that we are not in favour of it.

We ask Kames to withdraw their proposal.

Yours sincerely,
The Friends of the Sound of Jura.

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