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Press release 13 February 2017

Press release 13 February 2017

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Mid Argyll wild swimmers brave the chill in fish farm protest

Winter swimming enthusiasts from the Mid-Argyll Wild Swimmers recently took their coldest plunge of the season at the site of the proposed Dounie Fish Farm. The group, which has been swimming in locations along the Sound of Jura over the past 10 years and has a membership of around 50 swimmers, gathered to show their support for the newly formed Friends of the Sound of Jura set up to oppose the controversial fish farm application.

Martin Mellor from Tayvallich said: "Our club is lucky to have some of the best swimming venues in the country. Wild swimming is becoming massively popular all over the UK and we are regularly joined by visitors who have seen our stunning locations on social media. Dounie has it all with iconic views of the Paps of Jura and the Gulf of the Corryvreckan. It is a truly magnificent place to enjoy our sport."

Fellow swimmer Iona Barr added: "I have been swimming in the Sound of Jura all my life. It is quite simply the most beautiful place in the world. I am horrified that Dounie could become the site of an industrial and intensive fish farm. No one would want to swim anywhere near here with all the fish sewage and chemicals polluting our clean water."

ʻFriends of the Sound of Juraʼ supporter Jane Smith said: "Our group is a platform for local people and visitors to collectively voice concern over a proposed fish farm sited in an entirely inappropriate place. Dounie is in the heart of the Knapdale National Scenic Area with Scotlandʼs highest form of landscape protection. The Mid-Argyll Wild Swimmers, and many other water enthusiasts, are passionate about our beautiful and pristine environment. A fish farm at Dounie would mean that they would be denied access to a much-loved location."

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